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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Kangaroo Mother Care

I attended a breastfeeding conference feedback event last monday. Feedback from all those 'important' enough to be sent off to various BF and BF related health conferences over the last twelve months. I now have a new friend, please meet Mr. Nils Bergman;

Sorry for the very small picture Nils, this does not reflect my admiration of you and your work.

We had five hours of feedback but the hour we spent being shown video and evidence of the benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care was one of the most touching. This man, his team and their forward thinking has saved the lives of so many babies. And the best bit; it isn't rocket science. If you keep babies with their mothers they are more likely to survive, seeemples!!

We also heard about the negative effect of prolonged crying for babies, which is what I always knew deep in my heart, and we had a brilliant presentation about Biological Nurturing. I'll be back with some more info and links soon.

Amazing stuff, amazing mothers and amazing babies!

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