This is a blog all about my adventures in Breastfeeding Peer Support. I want to share all the things I have learned and celebrate amazing breastfeeding Mothers and their babies.

I would like to share other peoples stories here too. Accounts of problems overcome, funny things your older children have said, strange places you have attached your baby and so on. Please email me with any stories you'd like to share with other breastfeeding Mothers. Please include what you'd like to be called (URLs ok or just a name), how old your baby was at the time and where abouts you are geographically.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Birth Stories

On the eve of Nathaniel's third birthday I have been thinking about what I was doing this time three years ago. I had put my girls in the bath and read them stories before bed. I had showered and shaved and put on my nightie. I had done some ironing, I was washing floors, I was panting, I was comfortable in my own home. Of all my labours Nathaniel's is the one I remember being most in control of and most happy with. My other babies may not have arrived as I may have wished but they arrived safely with little medical interferance and I have no bitterness or (much) disappointment with them.

Alot of the women I counsel have abandoned breastfeeding due to their emotional state following a difficult birth. Even those that have had relatively simple, straightforward deliveries that were different from what they had 'planned' find it difficult to be strong and to believe in their abilities as a mother.

I'd love to hear your birth stories and to share them here, it would be really interesting to see how we have laboured differently and how it shaped our breastfeeding relationship with that child, how it shaped us as mothers.

Email me your accounts, you can remain annoymous if you'd rather (just make sure I know in your email), let us know how old the child is now and whatever else you want to share.

I will share my stories too.


  1. Sounds good! I will get mine written sometime this week and e-mail you. For some reason, I LOVE reading about people's births! I just thought, I think Bronte's might be on my blog, so I can just send you the link to that one. Hope all is well. Hugs xx

    PS Happy birthday to Nathaniel....same day as my wedding anniversary - 15th June. 8 years. I won't say 'happy year's' lol because it's been a bit chaotic and full of illness on hubby's part!

  2. Before I forget, my birth story for Bronte is here:

    And well, I didn't really get any breastfeeding support from the hospital AT ALL. They said because I breastfed M until she was 16 months old, I should know what I was doing, and thankfully everything went smoothly.

    However, my BIGGEST achievement while breastfeeding HAS to be that I pumped all the time we were stuck in Norway, which was, if you recall an additional 7 days of the original 4 night 'holiday' due to the ash cloud back in April. And that I kept my milk supply going, and resumed immediately back to feeding when I came home.

    Oh, and on another note, I got a letter on Friday to say I can collect my OCN certificate for the Breastfeeding Peer Support course I finished way back in March! Whooo hoo. :o) xx