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I would like to share other peoples stories here too. Accounts of problems overcome, funny things your older children have said, strange places you have attached your baby and so on. Please email me with any stories you'd like to share with other breastfeeding Mothers. Please include what you'd like to be called (URLs ok or just a name), how old your baby was at the time and where abouts you are geographically.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Wonders Of Human Milk

A post with this title could go on and on and on so for today I'll just point you in the direction of this very interesting article. We as breastfeeding enthusiasts have known this for sometime but it's so nice to see it in everyday media!

I think I will use this title again as there are some lovely Italian scientist who have proven something else that we have known for a while, I will be back!


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