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I would like to share other peoples stories here too. Accounts of problems overcome, funny things your older children have said, strange places you have attached your baby and so on. Please email me with any stories you'd like to share with other breastfeeding Mothers. Please include what you'd like to be called (URLs ok or just a name), how old your baby was at the time and where abouts you are geographically.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Birth Story

This is a link to the lovely Nicola's blog account of the arrival of her third child Bronte, she is still happily breastfeeding at ten months! Happy reading and happy National Breastfeeding Week!!

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  1. Yes, still happily breast-feeding DESPITE being stuck in Norway (away from Bronte) seven days longer than intended, due to the Ash cloud back in April, I might add! Don't remind me how awful that was!

    Thanks for sharing my story. x